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Where is an immigration attorney to help obtain a fiance / fiancee visa? How about an experienced criminal defense lawyer who could ensure that I receive a fair trial? Is there someone to help me with with a landlord tenant law issue? What about a personal injury attorney to represent me more aggressively? Where can I find a business law attorney who could help meet my organization’s needs?

…with us. Indeed, for virtually any legal need, the veteran attorneys of Seattle Law Group offer a solution based on years of experience and their intimate knowledge of a wide range of legal specialties.

Civil, Criminal, Immigration Law, and Other Expertise

We have extensive expertise as a results of cumulative decades of experience in immigration law, criminal defense, personal injury cases, and virtually every other type of case and legal process. Consequently, the attorneys of Seattle Law Group can provide the most competent, professional, and effective representation available. Contact Seattle Law Group today to discuss how our lawyers–some of the most experienced and successful attorneys in Seattle–can assist you.

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