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Immigration Attorney Services

Your immigration attorney from Seattle Law Group will provide innovative solutions to meet the challenges of U.S. immigration law. Our experienced immigration attorneys advise employers on all types of business immigration transactions including those applicable to business visitors, short-term assignees, expatriates and local hires. Seattle Law Group’s immigration experts are readily accessible to:

  • Evaluate a client’s particular goals and expectations
  • Create an immigration program that is tailored around those goals
  • Audit and improve compliance with immigration laws
  • Recommend appropriate levels of staffing and technology resources to support the program
  • Establish blanket programs for intra-company transferees, treaty nationals and trainees for expedited transfers and quickly-processed work visas to the USA
  • Prepare all nonimmigrant and immigrant visa petitions and applications
  • Advise on the USA work visa and immigration implications of company mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations
  • Educate in-house personnel on all aspects of the immigration process, including technical compliance with Form I-9 employment authorization verification requirements and H-lB Labor Condition Application regulations.
  • Provide full-time or part-time on-site assistance for program coordination and management
  • Consult on selected immigration problems or concerns related to work visas, employee’s family immigration visas, etc.

Immigration Law Help for Immigrants Facing Deportation

An immigration attorney is also an invaluable resource for anyone facing the removal process. If you or a loved one is in the Northwest Detention Center, facing deportation, or in need of other urgent assistance regarding immigration status, Seattle Law Group will:

  • Provide immigration attorney services throughout the deportation hearing process, and fight for relief from removal
  • Assist those currently held in the Northwest Detention Center or another immigrant detention facility
  • Advise on immigration bonds and provide representation throughout bond hearings
  • Conduct and pursue any appeals related to removal proceedings and immigration bond cases

Working with an Immigration Attorney for Visas and Residency

Engaging an experienced immigration attorney is the easiest and most efficient way to obtain a US visa or permanent residency. Whether you need a work visa, investment visa, other non-immigrant visas, or a green card for marriage or employment, your Seattle Law Group immigration attorney will help:

  • Obtain the appropriate visa for a student, trainee, treaty investor, employee, specialty worker, business visitor, and others in need of a non-immigrant visa to the US
  • Obtain visas for athletes, artists, performers, and other individuals of extraordinary ability
  • Provide guidance with work requirements pertaining to your US visa
  • Secure green cards for foreign nationals seeking permanent residency in the United States
  • Smoothly and quickly complete the green card application process for spouses, fiances / fiancees, and children of American citizens
  • Acquire green cards based on employment for eligible individuals

Call an immigration attorney at Seattle Law Group today to discuss your specific immigration law needs and learn more about how Seattle Law Group can assist.

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