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US Immigration for Refugees

In crises like the present one in Libya, refugees are often allowed to immigrate to the US to escape danger at home. Our team of immigration attorneys has extensive knowledge of the laws and procedures around US immigration for refugees, and is ready to help you and your family immigrate to the United States.

The government uses specific criteria to determine whether an immigrant qualifies for refugee status. As per the Immigration and Nationality Act, you must:

  • Currently be outside both the US and your home country (although the President may authorize exceptions)
  • Be unwilling or unable to return to you home country due to a history or legitimate fear of persecution based on where you come from and/or what you believe
  • Not have taken up residence in another country
  • Be admissible to the US, and not have participated in the persecution of anyone else

Please contact our immigration attorney team for more information on qualifying for refugee status and demonstrating eligibility for refugee-based immigration to the US.

How to Obtain Refugee Status for Immigration

The refugee immigration process is free, and any information you give will remain completely private. The process begins when the United Nations, an American embassy, or a non-government organization identified a case for the US Refugee Admissions Program to consider. Once the USRAP issues you a referral, a representative of the US government may help you fill out the application for refugee immigration to the US, and then an immigration official will talk with you to gather the information needed to make a decision about your refugee status.

If and when you have been granted refugee status for the US, the government will loan you money and help you plan the trip to America, and will also provide very basic medical and cultural services. The US Department of Health and Human Services may be able to help with further financial and medical needs upon arrival in the US as a refugee.

Immigration Attorney Assistance for Refugees

Upon arrival, you will have two years (or more, in extraordinary circumstances) to file Form I-730, with which refugees can help their family immigrate to the United States. Due to the time limit, we strongly recommend working with an immigration attorney to ensure that all paperwork is done correctly and quickly.

You are eligible to work in the US as soon as you arrive with refugee status, but you must apply for a green card (permanent residency) within one year. Seattle Law Group’s immigration attorneys will guide refugees through this and all other paperwork required before and after US immigration. Furthermore, keep in mind before leaving the United States with refugee status, that special travel documentation is most likely necessary for you to re-enter the country.

Our refugee and immigration law experts are always read to assist. Contact us immediately to learn more about the possibility of coming to the US as a refugee, and your opportunities and responsibilities upon arrival.

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